Energy Minor

Why an Energy MInor?

This is a 21-hour minor in Energy for Business students.

The freshman and sophomore core classes in Business are required prerequisites for the Business classes in this minor.  Some of the Science and Engineering classes also have prerequisites.  Students will need to work with undergraduate Business advisors and the Director of the Energy Management Center for advice about sequences and prerequisites.

Required Courses (15 hours)
EMGT 2013 Practical Issues in Energy Management None
BL 3013 Oil and Gas Environmental Law EMGT 2013 & BL 2013
PE 3553 Practice of Petroleum Engineering EMGT 2013, BL/EMGT 3013*
ACCT 4163 Financial Reporting in Energy ACCT 2123
EMGT/IB 4023 Global Energy Decisions (Energy capstone) Senior Standing
Electives (6 hours)
BL 3023 Commercial Transactions BL 2013
BL 4013 Real Property EMGT 2013, BL/EMGT 3013*
ECON 3123 Environmental Economics ECON 2013 & 2023
EMGT/IB 3XX3 Oil in Economic & Foreign Policy History Junior Standing
POL 4083 The Politics of Natural Resources Wealth Senior Standing
EMGT 4013 Fundamentals in Energy Commodity Trading FIN 3003 & 3023 (co-req)
PE 3003 Petro Economics & Property Evaluations EMGT 2013BL/EMGT 3013 (Senior Standing & Finance Majors only)
Recommended Block III Courses (11 hours)
GEOL 1014 Introduction to Physical Geology None
CHEM 2023 Energy Tech for the Future None
GEOL 3153 Sedimentary Rocks and Processes GEOl 1014

*May not be taken as a co-requisite

Energy Minor and Course Syllabi