MIS Programs of Study

In the Age of Digital Information and Communications, employers demand business professionals who can analyze the information needs of decision makers, design and specify systems to meet those needs, and then manage the computer technology requirements that are crucial to an organization's competitiveness.

MIS Careers

A career in management information systems (MIS) is quickly becoming one of the most alluring in the business world.

A career in management information systems (MIS) is quickly becoming one of the most alluring in the business world. With a shortage of MIS professionals that has left many companies in serious need of MIS employees, TU students are in demand after graduation.

"What people don't realize is that MIS uses technology to determine how to make an organization run better; it helps businesses leverage existing resources with information," said Akhilesh Bajaj, Chapman Professor of MIS. "It's a much more interesting, dynamic and people oriented field than students initially think."

The Collins College of Business, which takes this critical need for MIS professionals seriously, formed an MIS lab to train students in the latest MIS trends.

"All our business programming classes are taught in the lab, making it a unique resource," Bajaj said. "The MIS lab also serves a dual purpose — a lab with appropriate software and hardware for students to use for assignments and projects, as well as a teaching resource."

The lab is multifunctional and easily shifts from lecture space to work room. With 20 computers lining the walls and large tables centered in the middle, students are able to maneuver throughout the room. So when lecture time arrives, students can use the tables, and when it's time to engage in hands-on practice, they can move back to their computers with just a swivel of their chairs.

Through the lab, students learn to develop software solutions, as well as design and customize software. Students also learn to evaluate investments in information technology and develop programming, database, networking and communication systems skills.

To prepare MIS students for professional placements and certifications, The University of Tulsa's MIS program includes courses in business application programming logic; procedural, object and Windows programming; telecommunications; database design and management; systems analysis and design; system development and project management; network administration; decision support strategies; internet development; and corporate applications. The curriculum stresses business knowledge and real world application of knowledge and skills introduced in the classroom. Students are exposed to and use a variety of information technology resources and tools.