Healthcare Informatics Minor

Healthcare informatics is an emerging area in the information systems discipline.  Many major IT consulting companies are engaging in work related to healthcare informatics.

The Collins College of Business possesses a unique ability to bring together the expertise of business and healthcare professionals to offer this minor, increasing their marketability in the workplace.  Although healthcare informatics is currently offered by other schools, we are the only College of Business with a direct relationship to healthcare education.

Healthcare Informatics is an emerging field that:

  • Combines health sciences with information systems, including management information systems, information technology, and computer science.
  • Uses technology to solve problems in health care delivery, pharmaceutical, and health education.
  • Allows healthcare professionals to use information technology to solve daily tasks.
  • Allows information system professionals to design technology that will meet the needs of healthcare professionals.
  • Meets growing demand for trained individuals who understand healthcare, information systems, and technology.

The demand for workers who understand healthcare, information systems, and technology is growing rapidly.  The US Department of Labor estimates a 49% growth in the demand for trained individuals prepared to be administrators, specialists, consultnts, educators, and researchers at organizations that include:

  • Academic institutions
  • Community-based organizations
  • Government agencies and the military
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industry
  • International health
  • Private practice
  • Research facilities

The potential audience for the Healthcare Informatics Minor is:

  • MIS students interested in the healthcare industry
  • Nursing students interested in gaining further IT knowledge
  • Business majors looking for an elective
  • Non-business majors looking for an elective
  • Prospective students outside the University

Required Courses:*

MIS 2013 - Business Programming Concepts I
MIS 3043 - Telecommunications
MIS 3053 - Database Design and Applications
MIS 4xx3 - Seminar in Healthcare Informatics

*IT and CS majors may substitute CS 1043 for MIS 2013, CS 4323 for MIS 3043, and CS 4163 for MIS 3053

Choose at least 2 of the following courses:

AHS 4013 - Health Management Technologies
NSG 4133 - International Nursing and Technology
NSG 4203 - Nursing and Computers
CS 4653/6653 - Medical Informatics