Akhilesh Bajaj

Akhilesh Bajaj

Professor of MISChapman Endowed Chair in MISHelmerich Hall  313-D
akhilesh-bajaj@utulsa.eduCurriculum Vitae

Teaching information systems (IS) courses is challenging because the field is changing so rapidly. New technologies have to be constantly introduced into courses. My perception of my teaching duties as a faculty member in a professional college is to: a) view my students as knowledge consumers and develop in them skills that will be directly applicable in the workplace; and b) to provide knowledge that transcends frequent changes in low-level technologies and that has a long shelf-life. I have taught students at many levels, including the undergraduate, the graduate and the executive levels. For each course that I teach, I strive to understand the needs and background of that particular audience, and to fine-tune subsequent versions of each course to better fit the needs of the audience.

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D., Department of MIS, University of Arizona
  • Master of Business Administration, Cornell University, 1991
  • Bachelor of Technology, Chemical Engineering, The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, 1989

Areas of Research Focus

  • Creation and evaluation of enterprise models
  • IS consumer decision models
  • Database systems

Previous Teaching Experience

  • August 2005 – Present: Chapman Associate Professor of MIS, University of Tulsa Responsible for research and teaching. Awarded Chapman Endowed Chair of MIS.
  • August 2003 – 2004: Associate Professor of MIS, University of Tulsa Responsible for research and teaching
  • August, 1997 – August, 2003: Assistant Professor of MIS, Carnegie Mellon University. Responsible for independently designing and teaching three graduate classes: 95-703 (Introduction to Database Systems), 95-704 (Advanced Database Systems) and 95-794 (Building and Implementing Enterprise Wide Systems). Recent teaching Ratings: 4.46/5, 4.7/5, 4.53/5.
  • 1994 – July, 1997: Instructor, Dept. of MIS, University of Arizona. Continuously and independently taught MIS classes in both semesters and summer, starting summer, 1994. Classes include: 9 units of MIS 331 (Database Systems), 3 units of MIS 301 (Data Structures and Algorithms) and 12 units of MIS 121 (Introduction to Business Programming). Teaching ratings in all sections over 4/5.

Previous Relevant Work Experience

  • 1991-1992: Management Associate, Citibank Worldwide Personal Banking. Responsible for setting up an information system for a networked customer support unit, spread across 4 geographical locations in the U.S., dealing with global fund transfers. Managed a team of programmers to build system, as well as set up the workflows for the unit.

Professional Affiliations

  • AIS Special Interest Group on Systems Analysis and Design (AIS SIGSAND)

Courses Taught at TU

  • Database Design and Applications (MIS 3053)
  • Systems Analysis and Design (MIS 4053)
  • Systems Development Project (MIS 4093)

Awards & Recognition

  • ConocoPhillips Faculty Sponsorship Award Nov 2008
  • Chapman Endowed Chair in MIS: University of Tulsa, from August 2005
  • University of Tulsa, Development Summer Fellowship, Summer 2005. Awarded to investigate the development of a Computer Aided Software Engineering Tool
  • University of Tulsa, Faculty Development Summer Fellowship, Summer 2004. Awarded to investigate the motivations of developers in Open Source Software Projects
  • Program Award with Professor Sunder Kekre, Graduate Schoool of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, 2001-2002 ($472,000): This competitive award is part of a $7million Department of Defence grant awarded to CMU and the Software engineering Institute (SEI) to study technology insertion in small manufacturers. The award covers creating methodologies for technology insertion, as well as studying the impact of technical and human factors on bottom line metrics such as budget overruns, time overruns and customer satisfaction for small manufacturers
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Faculty Development Fund: Internal grant received for $6600 in 1998. Resulted successfully in creation of software that allows for data and process modeling of large scale organizations. This software will be incorporated in a university level course starting Fall, 1999
  • National Guard Medal Of Excellence: Awarded in appreciation of services rendered, by the Director of the Army National Guard, July, 1999
  • Graduate Fellowship: Awarded on Merit by the Dept. Of MIS, University of Arizona, 1993
  • Graduate Registration Scholarships: Awarded on Merit by the Dept. of MIS, University of Arizona, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
  • National Talent Scholarship, 1983: Awarded to 250 high school students in India annually, based on individual talent


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