MIS and OM Professors Work Together

Cooperation between MIS and OM professors results in better understanding of how teams operate and cooperate

Drs. Akhilesh Bajaj and Robert Russell have developed an infrastructure that can be used to create workflow teams in organizations, optimizing social network measures such as how well individuals get along with each other, how much respect they have for each other's professional skills, etc. The ability to do this has been shown to lead to greater productivity in the organization. The work entitled, "AWSM: Allocation of Workflows Utilizing Social Network Metrics" has been presented when under progress, at international and national conferences. It is under review currently at an IS journal. The project proposes a system to model workflows, skill sets and members in an organization and several algorithms to create workflow teams so that social network metrics are optimized. The entire projected has been implemented using the Java programming language, and been tested on several real world sized problems.