About the School

Personalized Education

The School of Accounting and Management Information Systems strives to provide students with:

  • Small classes
  • Classes taught by full time faculty who interact not only in the classroom but also in social settings and student organizations
  • Personal attention from faculty
  • Individual and team learning experiences
  • Student organization opportunities:
  • Beta Alpha Psi - a national honorary fraternity for business information professionals
  • Information Technologists United

Numerous opportunities for students to interact with professional accountants, information technology professionals, and business professionals from a variety of other areas.

Accounting: A Dynamic Profession, a Dynamic Program

Our faculty recognizes that the discipline of accounting is ever evolving and expanding. We believe that accounting is an information development and distribution function for economic decisions.

Our curriculum is designed to integrate information technology to enhance the value of the study of accounting. Through this integration, we strive to prepare our graduates to enter information age companies. We also strive to give our students an appreciation and understanding of the global issues that face organizations.

Our goal is to develop graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities to both contribute to the profession of accounting and succeed at increasing levels of responsibility in business and society.

Management Information Systems: Going Beyond

Professor Leonard with studentsThrough the personalized education philosophy expressed above, our faculty become well acquainted with students early in the program and move the student experience far beyond the classroom walls. Students and faculty also interact in social and professional settings, as well as in student organizations, such as our Information Technologists United (iTU) student organization. This organization also gives our students the opportunity to interact regularly with information systems professionals and other business professionals.