About the Department

School of Finance, Operations Management, and International Business Highlights

• Faculty – The School has ten faculty members four of whom have named faculty positions. The Operations Management faculty were ranked as the 30th most research productive Department in the United States by OR/MS Today and ranked 4th in the Southwest region by the Journal of Operations Management. Tim Urban, Professor of Operations Management was ranked the 8th most productive Operations Management individual in the United states by the Journal of Operations Management.

• Undergraduate Students – On their Major Field Tests, a national exam given to graduating seniors, our Finance majors for the past six years have scored at the 95th percentile (the highest percentile reported) in the Finance area. For all business areas they have scored at the 90th percentile or higher for all semesters except one.

• Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Fall 2008 class had an average GMAT of 667 and an average GPA of 3.52. These scores are competitive with the top 25 MBA program in the United States.

Almost 10 percent of our MSF graduates have entered PhD programs including programs at Penn State, Purdue, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

For the 2008-09 academic year MSF students will receive almost $500,000 in financial aid.

International experiences are available through an active exchange program with the University of Zurich’s Masters in Finance program

• Friends of Finance (FOF) - With over 400 members FOF is one of the largest School of Finance support organizations in the Southwest. FOF has raised almost $1.5 in contributions.

• Student Investment Fund (SIF) – Distributions from the SIF have provided more than $520,000 in scholarships to more than 157 students.

Finance major awarded 2009 McGowan Scholarship

Single mom to take on bad practices that led to the recession

Graduating senior Stephanie Richardson will be The University of Tulsa's 2009¬–2010 McGowan Scholar, a national recognition that provides funding for one year of tuition up to $18,000.

Richardson will use the McGowan award to begin her joint degree in finance and applied mathematics in preparation for a career in risk management.

A native of Tulsa, Richardson has balanced a rigorous undergraduate schedule and leadership in student groups with “full-time motherhood.”

“The balance is rarely easy, but the reward is well worth it,” Richardson said. “The motivation my daughter brings to me and my love for learning have been enough to get me through the hard times. I want my daughter to grow up with the understanding that a strong work ethic and a good education are the necessary tools to accomplish her dreams.”

Her undergraduate finance classes at TU sparked Richardson’s interest in mathematics and finance. But current market conditions and international events led her to pursue a career in financial risk management.

“Lack of proper risk management procedures has led not only our own country, but also much of the world, into a recession,” Richardson said. “I want to help prevent this from happening again.”

In addition to her hectic academic and personal schedule, Richardson served as chairperson for the membership and public relations committee of TU’s Student Investment Fund. She created and distributed marketing materials, gave presentations to each finance class, contacted local businessmen to speak to classes and created a stock picking game for business students in order to create interest in the Student Investment Fund.

Now she looks forward to earning a graduate degree to open up more opportunities for her and her daughter.

“Receiving this scholarship reinforces my belief that you can work through tough circumstances and prevail,” Richardson said. “It also inspires me to excel in my studies and to work towards making meaningful contributions to the business world, and perhaps someday being able to provide similar help to someone else.”

The William G. McGowan Scholars Program partners with select universities with an accredited business program to honor one business undergraduate or graduate student on an annual basis. TU has awarded six consecutive scholarships since 2004 with scholars coming from Venezuela, Kenya, China and the United States. The McGowan Scholars program began in 1994 and is funded by the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund. The fund was established to commemorate the accomplishments of McGowan, who founded MCI Communications and led the company until his death in 1992. As a student, he built upon a working-class upbringing in Pennsylvania coal country, worked his way through an undergraduate degree at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and attended Harvard Business School, where his second year was funded by a Baker Scholarship. His experience led him to establish the McGowan Scholars Program.