International Business Programs of Study

Bachelor of Science in International Business and Language (BSIBL)

This degree combines the business core, emphasis on international business, and language proficiency in Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish.  Students entering the program should have a high ability in one of these languages.  Graduates will have fluency in a language along with an in-depth understanding of the country's culture.  This will prepare them for entry-level IB jobs, government foreign service jobs, or for work on graduate degrees in international business.  Semester programs taught in the student's target language are a special feature of the BSIBL program.  Students reach the level of fluency required to take classes taught by host country professors in their native languages.  We have partner institutions in Germany, France, Spain and Argentina.

International Business (IB) Minor

Designed for business majors by combining a competency in a modern foreign language, international business courses, and selected electives addressing economics, international relations, and cultural awareness and understanding.  Students are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs and have priority for TU-approved international business internships hosted by companies abroad.  The minor requires a maximum of 21 semester hours, which includes intermediate language proficiency.