Dr Chiang Research Interests

Dr. Chiang’s research interests are in (1) artificial intelligence and metahuristics and their applications in manufacturing and operations management in general, (2) facilities logistics (layout and assembly line balancing), (3) supply chain and logistics management, (4) revenue management, and (5) interface between production /operations management and other disciplines.

One of Dr. Chiang's research highlights is the applications of computational intelligence to different areas of operations management discipline. Two of his papers develop a reactive tabu search metaheuristic and a simulated annealing technique for the vehicle routing and scheduling problem with time window constraints. Both intelligent approaches provide robust solutions and together they have been cited more than two hundred times by international researchers. One of his papers uses computational intelligence to address the integration of purchasing and routing for a propane gas supply chain. The results of the study indicate that the potential annual cost savings through the integration of purchasing and routing decisions can range up to millions of dollars for large distributors. The methods can also be used strategically as an aid in reconfiguring the supply network involving depot locations, tanker fleet sizing, and allocation of capacity at supply terminals. The methodology could also be used to provide decision support for distributing other energy products such as heating oil.

Dr. Chiang is currently editing a special issue on Applications of Computational Intelligence for Design and Operations Decisions in Manufacturing at International Journal of production management. Dr. Chiang is also a Senior Editor for Production and Operations Management and Editor of International Journal of Revenue Management.