Student Finance Association (SFA)

The Student Finance Association (SFA) is a student organization whose purpose is to develop a broad understanding of finance topics, finance careers, business management, and leadership beyond that acquired in formal classroom study.

The SFA promotes interaction among students, faculty, and successful businesspersons in the financial community in order to develop contacts, friendships, and insight into possible career choices. Meetings of the SFA frequently feature Finance alumni who speak on their careers or career opportunities in finance and business management.

To accomplish the goals of the SFA, the following activities are planned:

  • On and off campus speakers
  • Regular meetings
  • Social meetings
  • Internships

Membership is open to any student with an interest in finance. Dues, $10 for the academic year, can be paid to the treasurer, or to Linda Reins in the department office, Helmerich Hall Suite 118.

Officers for 2014-2015 are:

Position Name
President  Grant Marcoux
Vice President Logan Moss
Treasurer Max Boudreaux
Faculty Advisor Richard Burgess
Faculty Advisor Brian Walkup