Master of Accountancy

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses may be waived, subject to transcript review.

Students must complete 12 credit hours of upper-level accounting beyond principles courses.

Exceptional undergraduates in the accounting program have the ability for apply for the 4+1 Master of Accountancy program as juniors. This option allows students to begin coursework in the MAcc before they complete their bachelor’s degree. The combined 4+1 program consists of 151 total credit hours preparing students for the uniform CPA exam.

Core Curriculum (6 hours)

Student complete all courses.

ACCT 7073 - Management Control Systems
ACCT 7333 - Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis

Accounting Electives (12 or 15 hours)

ACCT 6083 - Professional Issues in Accounting
ACCT 6163 - Financial Reporting in the Energy Industry
ACCT 6253 - CPA Review
ACCT 7063 - Federal Income Taxation of Corporation and Shareholders I
ACCT 7113 - Systems Auditing and Assurance
ACCT 7123 - Taxation of Natural Resources and Energy
ACCT 7213 - Financial Systems and Corporate Planning
ACCT 7233 - Tax Research, Practice and Planning
ACCT 7613 - Internship in Accounting

Business Electives (9 or 12 hours)

Students will choose from available courses in any business discipline.  All pre-requisites for course choices must be met.  Elective courses vary each semester.  Examples of elective courses include, but are not limited to:

MBA 7013 - Financial Management
MBA 7023 - Ethical Organiational Behavior
MBA 7043 - Corporate and Business Strategy
MBA 7053 - Marketing Management
MBA 7063- The World Economy
MBA 7073 - MIS and Project Management
MBA 7083 - Decision Anaysis and Modeling
MBA 7093 - Organizational Leadership
MBA 7123 - Human Resource Management
MBA 7133 - Innovation and Product Development
MBA 7143 - International Marketing
MBA 7153 - Consumer Behavior
MBA 7163 - Supply Chain Management
IB 6013 - Topics in International Business