Educational Outcomes

Female manager with solar panels in the backgroundThrough delivery of the Master of Energy Business, the University of Tulsa’s Collins College of Business seeks to produce graduates who:




  • possess a clear and in-depth understanding of the contemporary settings within which energy business is conducted
  • know how things work within energy companies, on both a macro and micro level, and comprehend the interrelationships among the main business, scientific, and technical functions
  • understand the relationships among energy policy, governmental regulation, economic development, competition, technological innovation, evolving markets, and corporate and environmental sustainability
  • perceive the energy industry as a total system whose individual components must be optimally integrated to power economies and improve the social welfare of people around the world
  • are prepared to assume management positions of increasing responsibility in energy companies, and have the multidisciplinary skills necessary to address typical managerial situations and justify operational decisions
  • perform their duties ethically and responsibly from a personal, corporate, societal, and global perspective