Tuition, Fees, and Expenses

The total cost of the Master of Energy Business program is primarily tuition-driven.  The University of Tulsa charges its "regular" tuition rate for the program; that is, the tuition paid by most other students, whether graduate or undergraduate.  There is no added premium beyond the official tuition rate posted on the website.  In addition, because The University of Tulsa is a private school, there is no differentiation between in-state, out-of-state, or international tuition.  All students pay the same rate.

For the 2013-14 academic year, the tuition is $1,087 USD per credit hour.  The Master of Energy Business is a 34 credit hour degree program; so, at the above rate, the tuition cost would be $36,958 USD spread over two years.  Historically, there has been increase in the tuition rate each year on the order of 5%.  Students pay for tuition "as they go," rather than paying for it all upfront.

In addition to tuition, there are the usual instructional expenses, such as the cost of books and specialized software.  A high-side estimate for such expenses is about $200 per course.  There are no additional fees (such as student activity fees or insurance) other than the $40 application fee.  However, for students who live outside the Tulsa area, there will be some travel expenses associated with attending two required, weekend-long residency seminars, one at the beginning of the program and one toward the end.

The best guess at today's prices is that the total program will cost somewhere between $38,000 and $41,000 USD, which is less than for most competing programs.  If leveling courses/seminars are required before enrolling in the program, or if additional work is required in lieu of other program elements, then the total cost will be commensurately higher.  This price point is also similar to the cost of a traditional MBA at many US universities.

A multi-student discount is available to companies who are providing partial tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit.  If three or more students are enrolled from the same company, tuition is reduced by 10%.  If six or more students are enrolled from the same company, tuition is reduced by 20%.  A 10% veterans discount is also available if other GI benefits have been exhausted.

Estimated Total Cost

Tuition: $37,000 (34 credit hours)

Application Fee: $40

Books & instructional materials: $2,000 (varies with courses selected)

Travel expenses: $2,000 (applies only to those living outside the Tulsa area)