Business Law Specialization

The Business Law Specialization under the Management Degree program was created in response to the significant need in the business sector for graduates with a broader background in law. Students are finding that they not only need this information to assist in their professional careers, but also in their personal lives. Our students learn about tort and criminal law, contracts, employment law, international business law, law for non-profits, real and personal property, wills, law for entrepreneurs, family-owned business and small business, ethics, and social responsibility.

Since employees expose their companies to legal liabilities every day, employers are looking for employees who can minimize those liabilities. In addition, a recent study indicated that 50% of all buiness decisions made today are in direct response to laws related to an individual’s profession/industry. In this type of environment, graduates who have the knowledge and skills needed to make these decisions are becoming more marketable and more successful professionally.

This specialization is also intended for pre-law students who want a Management Degree. This is a smart choice due to the fact that if they ultimately open a law firm, they will be running a business, a process not taught in law school. Further, many of their future clients will be businesses, and they will need to thoroughly understand business in order to successfully advise and represent their business clients. Although courses offered in this specialization are available to all students regardless of major, the Business Law Specialization is earned in conjunction with a BSBA in Management, and requires 15 hours of coursework in the area. The list of courses under the Business Law specialization include:

 BL 2013  Legal Environment of Business
 BL 3013  Oil, Gas and Environmental Law
 BL 3023  Commercial Transactions
 BL 3033  Employment Law
 BL 3973  International Business Law
 BL 4013  Real Property
 BL 4113  Business Law for Entrepreneurs and Family Business
ELECTIVES: Choose 2 from the list below
 LAW XXXX  (Approved course per semester)
 MGT 4503  Management Internship in Business Law
 POL 3343  Civil Liberties in the United States
 POL 3463  Constitutional Law
 POL 4063  Philosophy of Law
 POL 4523  Topics in Law and Society
 SOC 4013  Sociology of Law