The Family-Owned Business Institute was established in 1996 to promote and develop family business as a major economic sector by providing a focal point in Oklahoma for all family businesses, and to provide a forum for the development and dissemination of information relevant to the continuity and health of the family business.


  • To develop programs to promote effective family business management and secure the growth of health family relationships.
  • To promote recognition of the economic significance of the family business sector.
  • To provide a voice in society for family and privately owned businesses.
  • To disseminate information, literature and research about family businesses.
  • To make available education and training programs that are targeted at relevant family business issues for owners, managers, and advisors.
  • To create a network for family business members to meet, share and resolve problems, as well as take advantage of other opportunities.

Guiding Principles

We firmly believe that the Family-Owned Business Institute should be a center for family businesses that is, run by family businesses and should avoid commercialism. Any attempt to use the Institute or its programs as an arena for business solicitation will be considered a violation of our guiding principles.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • A triannual newsletter containing information directly related to family business issues
  • Access to a range of educational and training programs
  • Participation in regional workshops and meetings designed to provide local information and support to family businesses
  • Membership in a regional network of family business owners which provides opportunities for strategic alliances and the exchange of ideas and solutions
  • Ability to participate in national familay business research studies
  • Members receive invitations to attend other University of Tulsa events, sometimes at a discount.

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Annual Membership Fee:

Consistent with the philosophy of creating a center that is affordable to family businesses, regardless of size, combined with the support of our corporate sponsors, the Institute charges a modest annual membership fee of $360 for two individuals associated with the company.  Additional annual memberships are available for $140 each.  Renewal is on an anniversary date basis.