Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

This program is designed to provide structured didactic and clinical experiences to prepare a student for a career in athletic training.

The academic program consists of 53 credit hours of didactic Athletic Training coursework and 20 hours of Clinical Experience. Each core athletic training course, Prevention & Treatment, Therapeutic Modalities, Orthopedic Assessment - L.E., Orthopedic Assessment - U.E., Therapeutic Rehabilitation, and Organization & Administration, is accompanied by Practicum course. The practicum course allows the student to practice the concepts discussed in the classroom in a lab setting. After formal acceptance into the program, the student will enroll in a Clinical Experience course each semester which allows the student to gain experience utilizing the knowledge and skills gained each semester in the classroom in a real world setting. The senior year clinical experience is linked to the Applications in Athletic Training courses. These serve as capstone courses and allow the student the opportunity to integrate all aspects of their education as they prepare for the national certification examination and prepare to enter the profession.

Major Requirements (53 hours)
Each didactic ATRG course must be completed with a minimum grade of B.

Clinical Experience Courses (20 hours)
Each course must be completed with a minimum grade of 'C'

Foundation Courses (17 hours)
Each course must be completed with a minimum grade of 'C'

Prerequisites for physical therapy, medical, or other professional schools may be obtained within this program. These courses may vary according to institutional requirements.

Students who plan to work in a high school setting should consider obtaining a teaching certificate as well as an athletic training degree. Requirements for a teaching certificate can be taken in addition to the athletic training courses.