Our Faculty and Staff

The faculty of the ExSS program hold certifications from all of the major health and fitness organizations: including NSCA, ACSM, USA Weightlifting, and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

John Caruso
Associate Professor
Office: CH 312
Phone: (918) 631-2924
Email: john-caruso@utulsa.edu

Jan Drummond
Associate Professor
Office: CH 314
Phone: (918) 631-2931
Email: jan-drummond@utulsa.edu

Greg Gardner
Associate Director, School of Nursing
Clinical Associate Professor
Office: CH 354
Phone: (918) 631-2316
Email: greg-gardner@utulsa.edu

Robin Ploeger
Clinical Associate Professor
Curriculum Director of Athletic Training
Office: CH 355
Phone: (918) 631-3170
Email: robin-ploeger@utulsa.edu

Samantha Summers
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: CH 309
Phone: (918) 631-2678
Email: samantha-summers@utulsa.edu

Ron Walker
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: CH 310
Phone: (918) 631-3240
Email: ron-walker@utulsa.edu

Jason West
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: CH 307
Phone: (918) 631-3113
Email: jowest@utulsa.edu

Eric Wickel
Assistant Professor
Office: CH 308
Phone: (918) 631-2677
Email: eric-wickel@utulsa.edu  

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