Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Exercise & Sports Science Major Requirements

Exercise and Sports Science practitioners provide healthcare, technique/skill instruction, and performance enhancement for the physically active population. Foundation knowledge for this practice is gained through study of how physical activity influences the human body. Clinical skill acquisition is also a very necessary component. Courses within this degree program address both areas.

Major Requirements (47 hours) must be completed with a grade of C or better

Students pursuing this degree must maintain a 2.50 overall grade point average and complete the required internships. Internship experiences have pre-requisite courses and enrollment requires the permission of the advisor.

Students are encouraged to complete courses that will prepare them for the specific area of clinical practice they plan to pursue upon graduation. Students may select science and/or math courses which meet established prerequisites for the professional allied health programs to which they are applying. Students may also complete selected management and/or marketing courses if they plan to enter a corporate/commercial fitness setting.

The following requirements must be met for successful completion of the internships:

• Liability Insurance
• Criminal Background Check
In addition, students are responsible to:
• Provide Transportation and Uniforms
• Meet Health Requirements - Proof of immunizations and screenings
• Meet Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) requirement

Making a Difference

A career in Exercise and Sports Science Teacher Certification can help mold tomorrow’s generation of well-rounded, healthy, and active adults.

Making a Difference

Take a minute to reflect on your earliest school days. Did your physical education teachers inspire you? Did they make a difference? If not, they missed a prime opportunity. That’s because motivating and making a lasting impact on students should be every teacher’s personal goal. The University of Tulsa’s Exercise and Sports Science Teacher Certification program will give you the tools to do just that and truly make a difference.

Through physical education, you can make a difference in promoting a healthy lifestyle. At TU, we believe this is a vitally important mission. The dedicated faculty in the Exercise and Sports Science Teacher Certification program prepare students to teach developmentally appropriate physical education at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

“The Teacher Certification track includes all the components necessary for a first-class program in physical education coupled with the skills necessary to stimulate young minds,” said Jan Drummond, Associate Professor of Athletic Training. “We incorporate new ideas in teaching familiar activities, for example teaching golf using the SNAG® Coaching System. This system modifies the game of golf so that all students can be successful.”

SNAG® uses only two clubs. The Launcher™ is used to drive, pitch, and chip the ball and the Roller™ is used like a putter. The tee is called the Launch Pad™ and the target is not a traditional cup, but rather an above ground mobile Flagsticky™ covered with a hook material. The SNAG Ball™ is slightly smaller than a tennis ball and is covered with a loop material. SNAG® is completely portable and can be set up just about anywhere.

Through the use of these innovative and fun activities, students will have done their part to ensure the health and well-being of future generations. Talk about making a difference!