Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science

On-the-Job Training in Exercise and Sports Science

The internships in Exercise and Sports Science offer students an opportunity to roll their sleeves up and jump in the game.

A career in exercise and sports science (ExSS) is both rewarding and challenging. With our national report card showing low scores in physical fitness and high scores in overweight and obesity, graduates in ExSS are in increased demand. The University of Tulsa ExSS program understands that the experiences of their graduates must be a cut above those graduating from other universities with similar programs. “Our two senior internship experiences provide students with on-the-job training; experiences geared toward the ultimate career goals of every student,” said Jason West, Clinical Assistant Professor of Athletic Training. “The primary focus of the senior internships is to 1) give the student an opportunity to answer questions regarding their future career and 2) give the student an opportunity to roll their sleeves up and jump in the game.”

Internship opportunities in ExSS are the culminating experience where each student can apply classroom studies in a real world situation. Students’ goals are matched to internship sites including:

Fitness Facilities (Corporate/Private/Community)
Hospital Wellness Programs
Strength and Conditioning (High School/University)
Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Physical/Occupational Therapy
Outdoor Recreation
Sports/Recreation Retail
Professional Athletics
Fitness for Individuals with Physical Challenges
University Intramurals/Recreation
Medical Centers
Community Service Providers (Fire/Police Department)

“Not only do these internships offer students opportunities to gain experience in areas they are familiar with, they also allow students some balance – to try something they may have not thought about before,” said Jason West. “Students also have the opportunity to learn from one another by blogging their experiences. Our internship students are given the opportunity to blog (or share online) experiences once per month and also respond to other student blogs. In this way, students can not only learn during their own internship, but also learn from the experiences of other students in other internship sites.”

Major requirements (47 hours) must be completed with a grade of C or better. Students pursuing this degree must maintain a 2.50 overall grade point average and complete the required internships. Internship experiences have prerequisite courses and enrollment requires the permission of the advisor.

Support courses for the major are AHS 4043, Introduction to Applied Health Care Research; ATRG 2103, Women in Sports; ATRG 2022/2032, Pedagogy of Sport Skills/Pedagogy of Outdoor; NSG 4903, Understanding Electrocardiography; and NSG 2103, Human Sexuality.

Students are encouraged to complete courses that will prepare them for the specific area of clinical practice they plan to pursue upon graduation. Students may select science and/or math courses which meet established prerequisites for the professional allied health programs to which they are applying. Students may also complete selected management and/or marketing courses if they plan to enter a corporate/commercial fitness setting.

The following requirements must be met for successful completion of the internships:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Criminal Background Check

In addition, students are responsible to:

  • Provide Transportation and Uniforms
  • Meet Health Requirements - Proof of immunizations and screenings
  • Meet Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) requirement

 If you have any questions or if you would like additional information regarding these undergraduate programs, please contact Jan Drummond at