Coaching Minor

The Coaching minor prepares students for coaching positions in a variety of athletic settings. Coaching should be combined with a major in a teaching field and appropriate education hours to meet the established guidelines of the School of Education if the intent is to teach and coach in a public school. The coaching minor is offered to non-exercise and sports science/athletic training majors. It entails 18 hours and includes the following courses:

Required (12 hours): ATRG 2021, ATRG 2022, ATRG 2023*, ATRG 2603, ATRG 2653

* BIOL 1023, Human Anatomy and Physiology is a prerequisite for ATRG 2023 and 2021. Students should take BIOL 1023 as a Block III course.

Electives (Select at least 6 hours of the following): ATRG 2452, ATRG 2563, ATRG 3023, ATRG 3032, ATRG 3121 (corequisite is ATRG 3023), ATRG 3403 (prerequisite is ATRG 2022), ATRG 3713**, ATRG 4053, ATRG 4713**

** ATRG 3023 and 3121, Exercise Physiology and Lab are prerequisites for ATRG 3713 and 4713.

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