Exercise and Sports Science Teacher Certification Program

Teacher Certification is an emphasis area within the Exercise and Sports Science (ExSS) degree. The ExSS/Teacher Certification includes a:

  • 33 semester hour basic science core,
  • 17 semester hour K-12 physical education teaching methods and program design emphasis, and
  • 30-31 semester hour Teacher Education core sequence

Courses for each of the above modules are listed at the bottom of the page.

Students must also complete the following Core and General Curriculum:

  • Core Curriculum (16 hours): ENGL 1033, ENGL 3003, BUS 1001, QM 2013, MATH 1093, MIS 1123
  • General Curriculum (25 hours): Two Block I courses (6 hours); four Block II courses (12 hours), including BUS 1013; three Block III courses (7 hours), including BIOL 1023 and BIOL 1021

The Teacher Certification emphasis is designed to prepare ExSS majors to teach at the elementary, middle, and high school levels of instruction in the specialty area of physical education.

Traditionally, the teaching specialty of physical education has been practiced by physical educators working with school-aged children in school-based settings or with adults in post-secondary institutional settings. Physical education teaching specialists are now applying pedagogical skills in non-traditional instructional settings such as sport-specific community-based or residential institutions, correctional facilities, sport camps, and other youth organizations.

Upon completion of the degree requirements, graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in ExSS as their first major and Education as their second major. They also receive an endorsement from the School of Education recommending Initial Licensure for Physical Education/Health/Safety through the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

The TU ExSS/Teacher Certification emphasis is currently accredited through the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE)/National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

If you have any questions or if you would like additional information regarding this undergraduate program, please contact jan-drummond@utulsa.edu.

Exercise and Sports Science Core Courses

ATRG 1013 Concepts and Issues in Sport Sciences 
ATRG 2023 Human Anatomy & Kinesiology
ATRG 2021 Human Anatomy and Kinesiology Lab
ATRG 2552 CPR for the Professional Rescuer
ATRG 2563 Sports Nutrition
ATRG 2603

Strategies for Healthy Living
ATRG 2653 Prevention & Treatment of Athletic Injuries
ATRG 3023 Exercise Physiology
ATRG 3121 Exercise Physiology Lab
ATRG 3032 Instructional Methods in Health
ATRG 3713 Development of Strength and Conditioning Programs
ATRG 4113 Motor Control and Development
ATRG 4713 Biomechanics

Teacher Certification Emphasis Courses

ATRG 2451 Practicum
ATRG 2022 Pedagogy of Sport Skills
ATRG 2032 Pedagogy of Outdoor and Lifetime Activities/Sports
ATRG 3403 Physical Activities for Elementary Populations
ATRG 4123 Program Design
ATRG 4203 Methods in Teaching
ATRG 4201 Methods in Teaching Lab
ATRG 4122 Educating Special Needs Children in the Physical Realm

Teacher Education Core Courses

EDUC 1101  Introduction to Education
EDUC 2103 Foundations of Education
EDUC 3171 Education Technology for Instruction
EDUC 3713 Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
EDUC 3733 Measurement and Evaluation in Education
EDUC 4013 Education of the Exceptional Child
EDUC 4616 Student Teaching/Elementary
EDUC 4636 Student Teaching/Secondary
EDUC 4971 Seminar in Student Teaching
Secondary Language Proficiency (as per Teacher Education) 3-4 hours