Jump Performance

Jump higher! A TU research team comprised of Athletic Training faculty, Athletics department staff and Exercise and Sport Science students present their work on training impact on jump performance.

To examine the effects of resistance exercise (REX) mode on jump performance, subjects were assigned to one of three groups over a 6-week period with no cross-over. Subjects were assigned to leg and calf press REX on either a standard (n = 10) or ergometer (n = 9) device while a third group (n = 9) served as controls (CTRL). REX subjects worked out twice per week, which consisted of a three-set, 10-repetition paradigm for leg and calf press exercises. Immediately before and after the 6-week period, subjects performed tests that assessed jump (standing vertical jump, four-jump test protocol, depth jump) ability, while a fourth estimated knee extensor fast-twitch percentage (FT%) from fatigue incurred through a 50-repetition isokinetic protocol. Data analyses utilized 3 x 2 (group x time) repeated-measures ANCOVAs. Several dependent variables showed effects by group (standard REX, ergometer REX > CTRL) and time (post > pre). An interaction occurred for explosive leg power factor, a four-jump test variable, with standard REX post-test values as the interaction source. A trend for an interaction occurred for depth jump hang time, as ergometer REX values improved over time. Results suggest that mode-specific adaptations occur with REX training. Thus, athletes are best served with the selection of a REX device that is most specific to the demands of their jump performance task.

Caruso John F; Coday Michael A; Ramsey Charles A; Griswold Shawn H; Polanski David W; Drummond Jan L; Walker Ron H. Leg and calf press training modes and their impact on jump performance adaptations. Journal of strength and conditioning research / National Strength & Conditioning Association 2008;22(3):766-72.

Principal Investigators

John Caruso; Jan Drummond; Ron Walker; Athletic Training faculty
Michael Coday; Charles Ramsey; Exercise and Sports Science students
Shawn Griswold; David Polanski; Athletic Department staff