The Nursing Skills lab allows students to practice assessment and intervention skills in a simulated environment. The 11 bed nursing skills laboratory is located on the third floor of Chapman Hall and is divided into three practice modules plus the 40-seat classroom. The 2008 renovation provided a control room and more space around one bed for the high fidelity human simulator (iStan). Other simulators include METIMAN, an infant and child.  A new bed, wall mounted panel with suction and faux oxygen, and flat screen TV were also added.

The lab is equipped with 11 hospital beds and bedside tables, pediatric bed, infant warmer, exam table, 6 wall-mounted otoscope and ophthalmoscope sets, and 5 sinks. Other equipment includes nursing procedure manikins and task trainers, CPR manikins, wheel chairs, and an infusion IV pump.

This lab includes a bathroom with shower and bathtub adapted for persons with physical handicaps. In addition, there is a utility room, linen room, storage room, iStan control room, video viewing room, medication preparation room, faculty resource room, and a fully equipped computer lab.

There is a combination of wall and ceiling mounted cameras and recording devices in the Skills Lab. In 2008, three ceiling mounted cameras were installed with wall mounted computers for recording. Also, there are three video recorders/players, and four digital cameras available for recording. The nursing skills laboratory is available for student use during regular business hours.