Lee Anne Nichols

Leanne Nichols

Associate Professor of NursingChapman Hall 301

Dr. Nichols graduated in 1994 with a PhD in nursing clinical research. She did a two year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alabama Civitan International Research Center. Her program of research is with American Indian families with children with developmental disabilities. She has developed a conceptual model, Harmony Ethos, about American Indian family adaptation. Dr. Nichols has also developed in partnership with other American Indian nurse leaders a Native American Indian nurse leadership curriculum and model. She conducts research on American Indian nurse leadership and teaches a leadership conference for Indian Health Service.

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Post-doctoral Clinical Research - UAB Civitan International Research Center 1994-1996 
  • Ph.D. Clinical Research- University of Arizona 1994
  • MS Maternal/Child Nursing - University of Arizona 1986
  • BSN Nursing - Arizona State University 1979 

Areas of Academic Specialty

  • Nursing 2254 and 2264- Adult Circulation, Communicable Diseases, Contraceptives, Culture
  • Nursing 3154 and 3164- Hemostasis, Neonatal/Pediatric grief
  • Nursing 3254 and 3264- Surgical Nursing, Maternal-Child Substance Abuse, Culture
  • Nursing 4154 and 4164- Burns, Culture, Pediatric Respiratory Nursing, Pediatric Cancer
  • AHS 4043- Research, Review of Literature, Ethics and Legal, Qualitative Research Design, Proposal writing
  • Nursing 3274, 4174- Community Health Clinicals

Areas of Research Focus

  • Community health,
  • American Indian families with children with developmental disabilities,
  • Maternal-child nursing
  • Conduct research with Indian communities,
  • American Indian nurse leadership

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Arizona State University 1996-1998
  • Langston University 1998-1999

Previous Relevant Work Experience

  • Clinical nursing in neonatal intensive care nursing 1979-1994

Professional Affiliations

  • National Alaskan Native American Indian Nursing Association
  • National Ethnic Minority Nursing Association

Awards & Recognition

  • First place for poster presentation (out of 54 posters) at the National League of Nursing Leadership Conference, Orlando FL. A Different Worldview: Native American Nurse Leadership by Martha Baker and Lee Anne Nichols 2008
  • Selected to read the Pinning narratives at the School of Nursing Award and Recognition Ceremony on May 4, 2007
  • Nominated for TU CBA Excellence in Teaching Award 2007
  • National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association Summit (NANAINA). Honored for work with NANAINA—received a Pendleton Blanket—at NANAINA Honoring Banquet. (November, 2006)
  • National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association Summit (NANAINA). Honored for work with NANAINA—received a bear claw beaded bracelet—at NANAINA Honoring Banquet. (November, 2005)
  • Recognized for work with American Indian populations by American Nurses Association, Director, Dr. Fay Gary.(November, 2005)


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