Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing courses begin during the fall semester of the Sophomore year. Students must apply and be admitted prior to taking nursing courses. Courses are taken in the order listed.

Sophomore Fall Semester:
NSG 1012, Overview of Nursing

Sophomore Spring Semester:
NSG 2254, Applied Science I
NSG 2264, Nursing Science I
NSG 2273, Nursing Interventions
NSG 2233, Pharmacology

Junior Fall Semester:
NSG 3154, Applied Science II
NSG 3164, Nursing Science II
NSG 3174, Nursing Intervention II

Junior Spring Semester:
NSG 3254, Applied Science III
NSG 3264, Nursing Science III
NSG 3274, Nursing Intervention III

Senior Fall Semester:
NSG 4154, Applied Science IV
NSG 4164, Nursing Science IV
NSG 4174, Nursing Intervention IV

Senior Spring Semester:
NSG 4263, Nursing Science V
NSG 4275, Nursing Intervention V
NSG 4232, Nursing Trends
NSG Elective* 

*Nursing electives are added and changed. Consult the current semester schedule for electives offered during a particular semester.