Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook 
Dates: Reviews and Sabbaticals 

Faculty and Staff should refer to the Faculty Handbook which includes the following:

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Handbook 

Henry Kendall College Policies & Procedures

University Policies & Procedures

  • Reading/Dead Days
  • Summer Session
  • The Buckley Amendment
  • Accidents and Emergency Illnesses
  • The Tulsa Curriculum Guidelines and Procedures
  • The University Curriculum Committee
  • Guidelines and Procedures for Block Course Proposals
  • Statement on Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities
  • Leaves of Absence, Sabbaticals, Maternity Leave and Leave Due to Illness
  • Emeritus Faculty Policy



  • Publication Costs
  • Faculty Travel Guidelines
  • Entertainment Policy
  • Purchase of Food and Beverages
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Moving Expense Policy 

Important Dates

Please refer to the Faculty Handbook for specific requirements for dates listed. 

Date  Tenure & Promotion to Associate or Full Professor 
May 6 2013 Departmental Review Committee names forwarded to Dean
June 14 2013 External Reviewers contacted regarding candidates file 
Sept 2 2013 Candidates file submitted to the Department Review Committee
Oct 7 2013 Candidates complete file due in the Dean's Office 
Nov 1 2013 Tenure and Promotion Committee recommendations due to Dean
Nov 8 2013 Dean forwards recommendations to the Provost
  Professional & Post-Tenure Review
Nov 11 2013 Departmental Review Committee names forwarded to Dean
Jan 20 2014 Materials to Department Review Committee
Feb 17 2014 Departmental Review Committee Report to Chair/Director
March 14 2014 Chair/Director has written letter and met with faculty member under review
March 21 2014 Committee report and Chair's/Director's recommendation to the Dean
April 11 2014 Letter from Dean to faculty member (copy to Provost)
Second-Year, Fourth-Year, and Nontenure-Track Reviews
Sept 6 2013 Departmental Review Committee names forwarded to Dean
Sept 13 2013 Candidate's file submitted to Department
Oct 10   2013 Review Committee Report, department vote & recommendation, CV, and letter from Chair/Director due to the Dean
Nov 1 2013 Candidate's file with letter from Dean sent to the Provost
Timetable for Sabbatical Requests and Decisions
Sept 30 2013 Faculty applies to Chair/Director with statement & supporting documents
Oct 29 2013 Tenured members of the Department vote on the sabbatical proposal by secret ballot; Department Chair/Director provides a written recommendation to the Dean, including the vote [if favorable] and all supporting documents.
Nov 15 2013 Dean informs applicant of his recommendation to the Provost
Dec 2 2013 If rejected, candidate may file an appeal with College Executive Committee
Sept 29 2014 Faculty member sends copy of 2013 sabbatical report to the Dean.