Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook 
Dates: Reviews and Sabbaticals 

Faculty and Staff should refer to the Faculty Handbook which includes the following:

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Handbook 

Henry Kendall College Policies & Procedures

University Policies & Procedures

  • Reading/Dead Days
  • Summer Session
  • The Buckley Amendment
  • Accidents and Emergency Illnesses
  • The Tulsa Curriculum Guidelines and Procedures
  • The University Curriculum Committee
  • Guidelines and Procedures for Block Course Proposals
  • Statement on Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities
  • Leaves of Absence, Sabbaticals, Maternity Leave and Leave Due to Illness
  • Emeritus Faculty Policy



  • Publication Costs
  • Faculty Travel Guidelines
  • Entertainment Policy
  • Purchase of Food and Beverages
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Moving Expense Policy 

Important Dates

Please refer to the Faculty Handbook for specific requirements for dates listed. 

Date  Tenure & Promotion to Associate or Full Professor 
May 5 2014 Departmental Review Committee names forwarded to Dean
June 13 2014 External Reviewers contacted regarding candidates file 
Sept 1 2014 Candidates file submitted to the Department Review Committee
Oct 6 2014 Candidates complete file due in the Dean's Office 
Oct 31  2014 Tenure and Promotion Committee recommendations due to Dean
Nov 7 2014 Dean forwards recommendations to the Provost
  Professional & Post-Tenure Review
Nov 10 2014 Departmental Review Committee names forwarded to Dean
Jan 19 2015 Materials to Department Review Committee
Feb 16 2015 Departmental Review Committee Report to Chair/Director
March 13 2015 Chair/Director has written letter and met with faculty member under review
March 20 2015 Committee report and Chair's/Director's recommendation to the Dean
April 10 2015 Letter from Dean to faculty member (copy to Provost)
Second-Year, Fourth-Year, and Nontenure-Track Reviews
Sept 5 2014 Departmental Review Committee names forwarded to Dean
Sept 12 2014 Candidate's file submitted to Department
Oct 10   2014 Review Committee Report, department vote & recommendation, CV, and letter from Chair/Director due to the Dean
Oct 31 2014 Candidate's file with letter from Dean sent to the Provost
Timetable for Sabbatical Requests and Decisions
Sept 29 2014 Faculty applies to Chair/Director with statement & supporting documents
Oct 29 2014 Tenured members of the Department vote on the sabbatical proposal by secret ballot; Department Chair/Director provides a written recommendation to the Dean, including the vote [if favorable] and all supporting documents.
Nov 14 2014 Dean informs applicant of his recommendation to the Provost
Dec 1 2014 If rejected, candidate may file an appeal with College Executive Committee
Sept 28 2015 Faculty member sends copy of 2014 sabbatical report to the Dean.