Jonathan J. Arnold
Associate Professor of History

Advisory Board
Jacob Howland, Philosophy
Joseph Kestner, English
Victor Udwin, Languages

The certificate program in Classics is designed for the traditional and non-traditional student who wants to acquire a solid foundation in Classical (Greco-Roman) civilization. Students must either have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or be in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree at The University of Tulsa.


Students must complete 21 hours of approved course work, with a minimum of 12 hours at the 3000-level or above. Students must take at least one course from each of the distribution areas below; the remaining courses can be elected in any combination. Students who have taken Greek or Latin to fulfill the college language requirement will not be required to take a course from Area II. However, these language credits will not count toward the certificate. With the approval of the program director, courses not listed below, including special topics or study abroad courses, can be counted toward the certificate.

Area I: Classical Civilization

ARTH 2203 Survey of Art History I 
ARTH 3133 Greek and Roman Art  
HIST 2313  Ancient World 
HIST 2363  Medieval Word
HIST/FLM 3783  Greece and Rome in Film  
HIST 3813  The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire  
HIST 4803 Topics in Greek History
HIST 4813 Topics in Roman History
HIST 4873 Topics in Medieval History
PHIL/REL 1453 The Great Conversation I: Ancient and Medieval
PHIL 3043 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 3223 Nietzsche and Socrates
PHIL 4143 Studies in Plato and Aristotle
POL/Phil 2083 Western Political Thought I
REL/PHIL 3363 Introduction to Early Christian Thought
REL 4043 Augustine
REL 4093 The Council of Nicea
THEA 2323 Survey of Dramatic Literature
THEA 3023 The Classical Theatre

Area II:  Classical Languages

GRK 1004  Beginning Greek I 
GRK 1014  Beginning Greek II 
GRK 2003  Intermediate Greek I 
GRK 2013  Intermediate Greek II 
GRK 3003  Greek Tragedy 
GRK 3013 Attic Prose 
GRK 3103 Homer
GRK 3203 Tragedy
LAT 1004 Beginning Latin I
LAT 1014 Beginning Latin II
LAT 2003 Intermediate Latin I
LAT 2013 Intermediate Latin II
LAT 3023/3033 Advanced Latin Texts I and II
LAT 3683 Advanced Latin Grammar and Composition
LAT 3993 Independent Study
LAT 4993 Independent Study