Journalism Studies

John Coward
Associate Professor of Communication

Advisory Board
Jean Blocker, Sociology
Jeffrey Hockett, Political Science
Steve Steib, Economics

The Certificate in Journalism Studies is designed to give formal academic and professional attention to the practice and study of journalism, to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in the field of journalism, and to enhance the skills necessary for advancement in existing positions. In most cases students already majoring in communication should not pursue this certificate since course offerings in the major include most of the certificate requirements

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to complete 23 credit hours to be chosen from an approved list of courses, some of which satisfy general curriculum requirements. Elective courses are to be chosen from a minimum of two academic departments. Under special circumstances, the program directors can approve the substitution of one unlisted elective relevant to a student’s individual requirements.

Required Courses (14 hours)

  • Com 2123, Mass Communication and Society
  • Com 3413, Newsgathering
  • Com 3523, Editing for Print Media
  • Plus two one-hour credits in JS 3001, Journalism Practicum and one of the following methods courses:
    • Com 3113, Inquiry in Communication
    • Soc 4123, Qualitative Methods of Sociological Research
    • Soc 2023, Statistics for Social Sciences

Electives (9 hours)

  • Art 2153, Photography I
  • Bus 2013, Legal Environment of Business
  • Com 3163, Advocacy Journalism
  • Com 3353, Political Communication
  • Com 3493, Feature Writing
  • Com 3573, Video Production: Location
  • Com 3873, History of Free Expression
  • Com 3943, Interviewers & Interviewing
  • Com 4113, Documentary Workshop
  • Econ 2063, Global Political Economy
  • Pol 3053, American Foreign Policy
  • Pol 3133, Contemporary Political Thought
  • Pol 3343, Civil Liberties in the United States
  • Pol 3443, American Political Thought
  • Soc 3013, Political Sociology

For more information, consult the Arts and Sciences Advising Office or send e-mail to John Coward, certificate director,