Judaic Studies

Eduardo D. Faingold
Associate Professor of Spanish

Advisory Board
Jane Ackerman, Religion
Robert Butkin, Law
Stephen Gardner, Philosophy
Jacob Howland, Philosophy
Joli Jensen, Communication
Joseph Kestner, English
Ovadia Shoham, Petroleum Engineering

The certificate program in Judaic studies is designed to provide students with an overview of Jewish history, culture, and religion. The program serves as an excellent preparation for advanced study in many fields, including religion, philosophy, and history. The program may be of special interest to students who plan a period of study abroad in regions of the world relevant to the field of Judaic studies such as Eastern Europe or the Middle East.  

Certificate Requirement

Students must complete 18 hours of approved course work, including at least 12 hours at the 3000-level or above. Students must take at least one course from each of the two distribution areas. Core courses may substitute for electives. In addition to the courses listed below, topical courses eligible for credit towards the certificate may be offered periodically, and study abroad courses may be eligible for credit towards the certificate as approved by the program director.

Core courses (12 hours)

Area I – Arts, Letters, and Film

  • Com 3173, Media, Culture and Power: The Frankfurt School and its Legacies
  • Cplt/Flm 2043, American Culture on Film
  • Cplt/Flm 2713, Faustus Myth in German Literature and Film
  • Engl/Flm 4173, The Jewish Experience in Film

Area II – Religion and Philosophy

  • Phil 3293, Jewish Thinkers in the Twentieth Century
  • Phil 4333, Jewish Philosophy and Revelation: Ancient and Medieval Approaches
  • Rel 2013, Introduction to Hebrew Bible
  • Rel 2583, Confronting the Holocaust: Questions of Life and Faith
  • Rel 3223, Critical Issues in Jewish-Christian Relations

Electives (6 hours)

  • Hebr 1004, Beginning Hebrew I
  • Hebr 1014, Beginning Hebrew II
  • Hebr 2003, Intermediate Hebrew I
  • Hebr 2013, Intermediate Hebrew II