Political Philosophy

F. Russell Hittinger
Warren Professor of Catholic Studies

Advisory Board
Lars Engle, English
Thomas Horne, Political Science
Jacob Howland, Philosophy
Ronald Jepperson, Sociology
Michael Mosher, Political Science

The certificate program in political philosophy is designed for students who want to gain an historical and philosophical perspective on current political disputes through the study of the classic texts in the Western political tradition.

Certificate Requirements

Students must complete 21 hours of approved course work. Twelve hours must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Required Courses (Must be completed before or in conjunction with other courses.)

  • Pol/Phil 2083 (or Hon 1003), Western Political Thought I
  • Pol/Phil 2093 (or Hon 1013), Western Political Thought II 

Electives (15 additional hours)

  • Econ 4053, History of Economic Thought
  • Engl 4543, Shakespeare
  • Hist 2323, The Ancient City
  • Hist 2373, Ideas in the Middle Ages
  • Hist 2423, The History of Ideas in Modern Europe
  • Hist 4033, Seminar in the History of Political Thought
  • Hist/Phil 4453, Hegel, Marx and Nietzsche
  • Hist 4843, Topics in European History
  • Phil 2183, Current Problems in Political and Social Philosophy
  • Phil 3143, Equality and the Social Order
  • Phil 3193, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
  • Phil 4143, Studies in Plato and Aristotle
  • Phil 4163, Philosophy of Natural Law and Natural Right
  • Pol 3043, American Political Thought
  • Pol 3143, Liberalism and Democracy
  • Pol 3173, Conservative Critics of Mass Society
  • Pol 4033, Seminar in the History of Political Thought
  • Pol 4523, Topics in Law and Society
  • Rel/Phil 3263, Religion and Morality from Kant to Nietzsche
  • Rel 4033, Legal and Political Theory of St. Thomas Acquinas
  • Rel 4043, Augustine
  • Rel 4203, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death
  • Rel 4213, Aquinas on Virtue and Vice
  • Rel 4483, Toleration and Moral Diversity
  • Soc 4193, Sociological Theory