Creative Writing

Michael Wright
Applied Associate Prof of Creative Writing, Theatre and Film

The Certificate in Creative Writing is designed to provide a more formal and academic study of the art and craft of expression in the areas of poetry, fiction and/or performance writing, as preparation for either graduate school or career.

The Creative Writing Certificate is interdisciplinary in that it emphasized the importance of both formal and cultural diversity towards the development of the individual's vision and voice.  Students will explore the art of writing in myriad genres and styles; they will also study the applications (and implications) of creative writing through exposure to historical, cultural, and inter-media possibilities.  It is imperative for the student of any art form to explore variations on creativity in other disciplines.  Therefore the program will intersect offerings in eight departments within the Kendall College of Arts and Sciences:  Anthropology, Art, Communication, english, Film Studies, Languages, Music and Theatre.

Certificate Requirements 

Required Courses Credit Hours
Reading Courses* 
Emphasis ** 15
Total Hours Required 21

*Required from two separate departments.  One must also be a 3000 or 4000 level class.  Courses may be selected from offerings in English, Film Studies, Languages or Theatre.
**May be taken in courses which either focus on or enhance creative writing, as listed.  Students may focus in one form (a maximum of of four courses) but must take one course in another form in addition to their area of focus (i.e., four poetry and one screenwriting--and one course in Anthropology, Art, History, or Feature Writing, etc.).

Reading Courses

  • Engl   2313 Reading Major American  Writers
  • Engl   2513 Reading Major British Writers I
  • Engl   2523 Reading Major British Writers II
  • Engl   3053 Literature and Film
  • Engl   3243 African American Literature
  • Engl   3313 19th -Century American Literature
  • Engl   3333 Contemporary American Literature
  • Engl   3343 African American Novel
  • Engl   3353 Contemporary British Literature
  • Engl   3423 Medieval British Literature
  • Engl   3433 16th-Century British Literature
  • Engl   3443 17th-Century British Literature
  • Engl   3453 Restoration and 18th-Century Literature
  • Engl   3463 The Romantic Period in British Literature
  • Engl   3473 The Victorian Period in British Literature
  • Engl   3483 Early 20th-Century British and Irish Literature
  • Flm/Engl  2273 Film History
  • Flm/Engl  2283 Film Theory and Criticism
  • Thea   2173 Survey of Modern Playwriting
  • Thea   2323 Survey of Dramatic Literature
  • Thea   2523 Contemporary Women Playwrights
  • Thea   3023 Classical Theatre
  • Thea   3473 Musical Theatre Literature
  • Thea   4413 Contemporary Theatre and Drama
  • Cplt        2013 Comparative Mythology
  • Cplt/Flm  2043 Back to the Present: Part I, American Culture on Film
  • Cplt        2083 The Plague in Literature and Film
  • Cplt        2223 German Fairy Tales, Gender, and Contemporary Culture
  • Cplt        2233 Analytical Approaches to Cervantes' Don Quixote
  • Cplt        2313 Gangster Films

Creative Writing Courses

  • Engl  3213 Writing Fiction
  • Engl  3223 Writing Poetry
  • Engl  3983 Independent Study
  • Engl  4983 Independent Study
  • Flm  3113 Scripting for TV, Radio and Podcasting
  • Flm  4973 Advanced Film and Video Seminar
  • Flm  3993 Independent Study
  • Flm  4993 Independent Study
  • Thea  3053 Playwriting
  • Thea  3063 Adaptation to Stage and Screen
  • Thea  3143 Screenwriting
  • Thea  4003 Playwriting Workshop
  • Thea  4143 Screenwriting Workshop
  • Thea  3993 Independent Study
  • Thea  4993 Independent Study

Courses Providing Further Modes of Expression

  • Anth  2023 Foundations of Linguistics
  • ArtH  2203/2223  Survey of Art History I and II
  • Com  3493 Feature Writing
  • Cplt   Such as Comparative Mythology, and courses in the literature of various languages
  • Mus   3223 Introduction to Film Scoring
  • Mus   2182 Composition I

Students interested in this Certificate should consult with the Program Director or the College Advising Office for specific course requirements.