Student in zooarchaeology lab





The Department of Anthropology houses several archaeological laboratories and archives, as well as, unique research opportunities, curation of large comparative collections, and other anthropological facilities for students including:

  1. Laboratory of Lithic Artifacts from the Near East (LLANE)  (Dr. Don Henry)
  2. Human Ecology Lab (Dr. Thomas Foster )
  3. Zooarchaeology and Paleoecology Lab  (Dr. Miriam Belmaker)
  4. Paleoanthropology and Human Osteology (Dr. Miriam Belmaker)
  5. 3-D Imaging Lab ( Dr. Miriam Belmaker)
  6. Ethnohistorical Archive (Dr. Garrick Bailey)
  7. Q2 Consulting (Dr. Lamont Lindstrom and Dr. Peter Stromberg)

Research facilities are also available at the Gilcrease Museum under the direction of Dr. Bob Pickering.