Q-2 Consulting

Professors Stromberg and Lindstrom are principals in a social science research group, Q2 Consulting, LLC (q2consulting.com). Q2 has extensive experience in directing large-scale research projects in areas such as mental health, prevention, criminal justice, health, homelessness, philanthropy and early childhood education. It collaborates with clients to secure grants and evaluate projects at the local, state, and federal levels, and to receive project approval from respected Institutional Review Boards. Undergraduate and graduate anthropology students have enjoyed opportunities to work with Q2 on a variety of research projects that have included:

Family & Children’s Services, Inc. (Tulsa, OK) SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) funded federal grants. One project involved evaluation of an innovative jail diversion program for individuals with psychiatric illness. Over a three-year period, Q2 tracked several thousand subjects with mental health problems who had come in contact with the Tulsa County criminal justice system.

Q2 evaluated the implementation of an Assertive Community Treatment Program for homeless adult in Tulsa County who have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Q2 served as the outside evaluator for a multi-site treatment program for trauma-exposed children. The evaluation was designed to compare the outcomes of children treated with two different psychiatric interventions.

In collaboration with the Mental Health Association in Tulsa, Q2 evaluated the use of a psychometric measure entitled the Columbia Teen Screen (CTS) in Tulsa area schools. The CTS is designed to identify teens at risk for suicide, a major cause of death in teenagers. The study evaluated the effectiveness of attempts to link at-risk adolescents with mental health services.

Q2 provided consultancy services to the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau, helping develop in-house capacity to track probation outcomes.