Zooarchaeology Lab

The Zooarchaeology Lab and Paleoecology Lab host the zooarchaeological comparative collection. The lab is currently conducting paleoecological and zooarchaeological analyses on faunal assemblages from Israel, Jordan, South African and the Republic of Georgia.Zooarchaeology and paleoecology lab collections The basis for this research is the ever-growing comparative collection, which we are currently developing. The collections includes a unique assemblage of mammal teeth casts from old world Lower and Middle Paleolithic archaeological sites dating from 1.5 Million years ago to 30,000 years ago from sites in Israel and Armenia; micro and macro taphonomy collection and a small but rapidly growing modern comparative collection of vertebrates. All which serve in the teaching of zooarchaeology and archaeology course and research in the department.

Follow this link to visit the website: Zooarchaeology Lab and Paleoecology Lab 

For more information about accessing the collection please contact Dr. Miriam Belmaker.