Department Hosted Eminent Professor from Australia

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Iain DavidsonThe Department of Anthropology hosted Prof. Iain Davidson, Prof. emeritus of University of New England, Australia and Former Chair of Australian Studies, Harvard Universities between Sept, 23-25, 2012. Professor Davidson has worked on the Spanish Upper Palaeolithic, archaeology and ethnography of Northwest Queensland, Australian rock art, archaeology and heritage, and language origins. He has contributed to discussions of interpreting animal bones as evidence of prehistoric economy, use of ethnography in archaeological interpretation, evidence of non-human primates for understanding language origins, the interface between psychology and archaeology, problems of understanding the "meaning" of prehistoric art, and the relations between stone tools and cognition, and the evolution of cognition.

Professor Davidson gave a talk titled "Peopling The Last New Worlds: The first colonization of Sahul and the Americas" and later held discussions with the graduate students on topics of evolution of cognition.


Dr. Miriam Belmaker