Dr. Miriam Belmaker Interview with Aravot

Friday, August 09, 2013

Armenian news website, Aravot.am, interviews Dr. Belmaker of University of Tulsa

University of Tulsa, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Miriam Belmaker, was interviewed by Armenian news website, Aravot.am. Here is an excerpt from the July 2013 article:

“We need to review the human remains kept in YSU. Inside this limit, we hold seminars, we think about how to better preserve the heritage of Armenia, human remains collections, as well as plants, animals and stones," told Associate Professor of Tulsa University of Anthropology Miriam Belmaker in an interview with Aravot.am about “The Present and the Future of Bioarchaeological, Archaeological and Paleontological Collections at Yerevan State University.” According to her, working with the Ministry of Culture, Institute of Archaeology and Department of Geology of the State University, they are teaching students new methods of how to keep the fossils and the collections. “The most important goal is to establish an informational framework, due to which these unresolved issues will be maintained and reviewed. This is a part of the heritage of Armenia, the loss will be of universal (proportions).”

For the full article, please go to: en.aravot.am

Dr. Miriam Belmaker