A rare discovery at Bethsaida

Monday, August 04, 2014

Archaeological find at shared consortium site

This report describes a new find from Bethsaida, Israel, that was found in the 2014 excavation season. The University of Tulsa is a member of the consortium of Bethsaida. Dr Miriam Belmaker and Graduate student Ashley Brown participated in the excavation during this season.

A rare coin was found at Bethsaida this summer. The coin was minted by Agrippa II, the grandson of Herod the Great and the last Jewish king, in 84/85 CE at Caesarea Maritima in honor of emperor Domitian. Although featuring “Judea Capta” symbols it is not a typical Judea Capta coin. Please visit the BAR web site for a report: Biblical Archaeology Page

Miriam Belmaker