Programs of Study

The Department of Anthropology offers undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA, PhD) degrees in anthropology.

1. The Bachelor of Arts  program in anthropology consists of a  Major   in Anthropology and a minor in another program.  Students in the departments are required to take classes in all anthropology’s four subfields:  archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and physical anthropology. The program provides students a background to understand human past and present societies and cultures and provides a multicultural and biological perspective on the evolution, behavior and belief systems found among the world's people.  Students may also pursue a  Minor in Anthropology.


At the undergraduate level, the department also offers a Certificate in Museum Science .

2. The Masters of Arts  program in anthropology provides students with the necessary theoretical and technical background for pursuing a wide range of professional careers or continuing to graduate studies at the doctoral level. The MA in anthropology is given in three possible tracks in which students can focus their studies on one of the four fields:

a.    MA in Cultural Anthropology

b.    MA in Archaeology

c.    JD/MA in Anthropology  -  This track provides simultaneous graduate degrees in law (JD) and anthropology (MA).

d.     The university also offers an MA degree in Museum Science & Management Program, which is managed through the graduate school and not through the department.

3. Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology - Archaeology Concentration  emphasizes sound understanding of archaeological science, together with inter-disciplinary training and the development of practical skills.  The curriculum provides the strong theoretical and methodological training while exposing all students to the skills necessary to conduct both pure and applied research thus melding the two skill sets within the basic tenets of archaeological science.