Ongoing research in the Department of Anthropology provides hands-on experience for students and expertise for faculty.

Our faculty are engaged in a wide range of research in the lab and in the field and welcome students for TURC Projects, Honors Thesis and Graduate School. 

Our faculty are currently working on the following projects:

Dr. Miriam Belmaker:

  • Development of paleoecological models using paleodiet of ungulates and rodent
  • Early out of Africa
  • Extinction of Neanderthals
  • Origins of Sedentism 

Dr. Thomas Foster:

  • Apalachicola Ecosystems Project
  • Analysis of skeletal remains from Etowah
  • Digital Curation and 3D modelling of Archaeological Specimens
  • Archaeological and Geophysical Investigations at Kasita
  • Archaeology of the Muscogee Creek People, 1715-1836
  • Regional Integration of Past Records for Management of Modern Resources and Landscapes
  • Household economics at Etowah

Our faculty have field projects around the world (we welcome students to join us)..World map of anthro work