TU Professor Edits New Volume In The Smithsonian Institution Press

The Smithsonian Museum since the 1970s has supported the publication of a multi-volume Handbook of North American Indians. When completed, this will be a 20-volume encyclopedia summarizing knowledge about all Native peoples north of Mesoamerica, including cultures, languages, history, prehistory, and human biology. It is the standard reference work for anthropologists, historians, students, and the general reader interested in Native American history and culture, and every volume comprises chapters by the main authorities on each topic, including separate chapters on all tribes. The Handbook is heavily illustrated and contains extensive bibliographies and indexes.

Professor Bailey took over editorship of volume 2, Indians in Contemporary Society, after the death of Native American scholar Vine Deloria who contributed preliminary editorial oversight. This volume has recently been added to the series, published by the Smithonian Institution Press. Its 46 chapters explore how Indians and Arctic peoples maintain their Native identity in contemporary societies, including their responses to the social forces around them. Major sections include The Issues in the United States, The Issues in Canada, Demographic and Ethnic Issues, and Social and Cultural Revitalization.