TU communication facilities are excellent. They include a state-of-the-art computer laboratory with 19 G3 Macintosh computers, a file server, an instructor's work station, a laser printer, and a high resolution scanner. In addition to use in courses, the laboratory is available to communication majors for extensive periods of time throughout the week.

Our facilities also include two color television studios used for instruction and program production. The studios are equipped with tape-editing facilities, portable video cameras and studio cameras, and a computerized sound production system. A recent acquisition is an Apple G3 computer for nonlinear editing.

Students also may work as staff members on the campus FM radio station, KWGS, affiliated with the National Public Radio Network. Many communication majors work on the Collegian, the student newspaper; TU-TV, a weekly TV variety show carried by the Tulsa cable company; and the Underground 98.5 FM, the student radio station.

In addition to the more standard technologies for gathering, storing, and distributing information, TU offers students the opportunity to observe new communication technologies at work. These include electronic news magazines, satellite teleconferencing, a computer-based central library catalog, expanded computer terminal facilities for student use, and connections to the Internet for access to the World Wide Web, and other networks. The University of Tulsa is among leading universities in its variety and utilization of new communication technologies.