Programs of Study

Curriculum and Unique Features 

Our initial courses enable a student to develop fundamental communication competencies, examine the role of communication in society, and explore major communication theories. The student then chooses an emphasis in organizational communication or mass communication. As juniors and seniors, communication majors have opportunities to complete independent research and reading under the direction of a faculty member.

Communication majors typically complete the required 12-credit-hour minor in areas such as English, psychology, political science, sociology, history, theatre, or marketing. Students who choose a marketing minor will take courses from the College of Business Administration. This minor provides the understanding and skills necessary to compete in an increasingly integrated business, marketing, and communication field. The marketing minor is particularly recommended for students with an interest in organizational communication, public relations, and advertising.

The communication curriculum also includes opportunities for students to participate in an extensive internship program that allows them to test their knowledge and skills in an actual work environment. Students have completed internships in major public relations firms, newspaper publishing, television stations, and a variety of public and private organizations in the Tulsa area and in Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, Dallas, and Washington, D.C.