English Graduate Student Conference - Traversing the Transnational

Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM

The University of Tulsa’s 2014 English Graduate Student Conference continues the investigation promoted by Fishkin, Janice Radway, Paul Gilroy, Paul Giles, and several other notable scholars into the effect transnationalism has on literary and cultural studies. Of particular interest is the paradoxical relationship between nation-states and identity formation; how do authors, readers, and literary cultures react against the very national ideologies which not only permeate literature, but also statically remain as social formations which affect individual subjectivity? Even as scholars and critics decry national exceptionalism as empty rhetoric, the abstract notions of nationalism are required to provide the foundation for reactionary criticism. Does the “transnational-diaspora complex,” as defined by Donald Pease, strengthen or weaken nationalist ideologies? These are a few of the questions the University of Tulsa’s 2014 English Graduate Student Conference will address, among others. We welcome myriad literary and cultural interests, and we hope this topic contributes to the larger debate among the humanities over the importance of a transnationalist perspective in our increasingly globalized society. We invite paper abstracts and complete panel proposals on all aspects of transnational literature throughout all genres of study.

University of Tulsa English Graduate Student Association