Graduate Student Conference 2012

Friday, September 23, 2011

7th Annual EGSA Conference 2012

This conference aims to explore the relationships between literature and extra-literary culture. For the purpose of this conference, we are defining "ephemera" as any transitory publication, including but not limited to broadside ballads, advertisements, pamphlets, magazines, periodicals, and comic books. We also welcome papers that discuss the ways in which ephemeral print has influenced the production and circulation of texts, thereby shaping conceptions of the literary canon. Additionally, we invite discussion of print culture in connection with alterations of printed texts (such as marginalia) as well as materials that exceed the bounds of the strictly literary (for example, textual illustrations and digital humanities website). For more information on this conference, please visit the EGSA (English Graduate Student Association) website.


Ashley Schoppe or Lindi Smith