Bachelor of Arts in English

The aim of the undergraduate major in English is to educate students in literature and language and in the practice of writing, and to enhance their understanding of the tradition of liberal arts. The major develops the ability to understand and appreciate literature in its historical and cultural contexts, to read closely and analytically in a broad range of texts, and to write about language and literature with clarity and precision.

The English major requires a minimum of 30 hours in English course work, nine hours in the English core, and 21 in English electives. The maximum number of hours in the major is 39.

Majors are required to include in their elective programs at least one 4000-level course in addition to the Senior Project in English. It may be used to satisfy the distribution requirement set forth above. Enrollment in 4000-level courses requires the relevant prerequisite from the English Core (Engl 2313, 2513, 2523) or permission of the instructor. For reasons of continuity of study, and to assure that prerequisites have been met, majors are advised to begin their work in the English core and to complete at least six of the required nine hours before enrolling in English electives.

Students seeking secondary teacher certification in English must complete a second major in education in addition to the major in English.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Electives  21 
Total Hours Required for Major 30 

Students should consult with their Department Advisor or College Advising Office for specific program requirements.