For Faculty


Consultation Forms

During every consultation, a form is filled out by the consultant and student stating what was worked on during the session. If the student approves, a copy of this form is sent to the instructor of the class. This form lets you know when students are putting extra effort into a project and what concerns they have about it.

Writing Center Orientations

The Writing Center offers orientations to all classes on campus. Although every student should hear about the Writing Center in their writing class, it is helpful for students to be reminded and encouraged to use the Writing Center for all their classes.

For Writing Program Faculty

Writing Center orientations are required for all 1004 and 1033 classes and are highly recommended for 1063, 3003, and First Seminar.

For Writing Program classes, the instructor is required to bring the students to the Writing Center for the orientation. This allows the students to see where we are located and see the space; students are more likely to use the Writing Center if they already know where to go and what to expect.

The orientation takes 5-10 minutes. We tell them about our computer resources and walk them through what to expect during a writing consultations. You may bring your students at the beginning or end of class, but if you are coming at the end, be sure to leave enough time to walk to the Writing Center and have the orientation. If the orientation runs over class time, the students will stop listening. You may also have the class meet at the Writing Center at the beginning of class, but it is preferred that you meet them in the classroom and walk with them; this makes sure that everyone does find the place.

To schedule an orientation, contact the Writing Center Director.

For All Other Faculty

The Writing Center offers in-class orientations. This orientation is a 5-10 minute presentation describing the services we offer and making students aware of our location and hours. A writing consultant will come to your classroom to make the presentation.

To schedule an orientation, you can call the Writing Center (631-3131) and leave a message for the Writing Center Director, or ask for the Director’s email address and send a message. Your message should include your name and contact information, what class you teach, and the date and time you prefer. The Writing Center Director will contact you to confirm.

Specialized Presentations

The Writing Center offers custom presentations if you would like us to give a longer Writing Center orientation or to speak on a topic relevant to the type of projects assigned in your class, a particular problem students are having, or documentation style used in your field.

To schedule a specialized presentation, you should contact the Writing Center Director by calling the Writing Center (631-3131) and leaving a message or asking for the Director’s email address. You and the Director can discuss what you would like covered in the presentation and decided on a day and time.

Services and Information for Writing Program Faculty

Students can schedule to use the Writing Center to make-up diagnostic or in-class essays, or for those students with a learning disability, they may use the Writing Center for their extra time. To have a student use the Writing Center for a diagnostic or in-class essay, you need to give the Writing Center a copy of the assignment and instructions for administering the essay, such as the amount of time allowed and what materials they are (or are not) allowed to use. This information will be kept on file and be consulted when the student comes in. Students should make appointments via the online scheduling system, and the instructor should provide the student with a deadline. When the student has completed the assignment, we will file it with the assignment sheet, and it is the instructor’s responsibility to come to the Writing Center and pick it up. Students will not be allowed to leave with their essay.

Please make sure you are sending copies of your major assignments to the Writing Program assistant to be uploaded to WebCT. We use WebCT in case we need to refer to the assignment sheet and the student has not brought it.

Please do not promise letter-grade improvement for students who attend consultations. Extra credit points are a much more reasonable incentive.

For students who are experiencing writing difficulties, instructors may refer them to the Writing Center. However, please remember that all students are encouraged to take advantage of consultations, not just those who are having difficulties.

You should include a section about the Writing Center in your syllabus. Include the Writing Center’s hours for the semester (if they are available before you pass out your syllabus) since the hours are not available in the Writing Program Guide.