Update from TU Film Studies 2012 Graduate, Elena Fisher

Monday, February 04, 2013

Update with Elena Fisher, Film Studies Graduate in Singapore

Elena Fisher, 2012 graduate of the TU Film Studies department, checks in from NYU Tisch Asia regarding life and graduate school in Film.

"Hello to my TU film family back in Tulsa! I know you guys are making some wonderful things happen. Just wanted to give you guys an update on grad school and life if you're interested. I'm looking forward to seeing what work you guys have produced recently!

Elana Fisher

After completing one semester in grad school I am getting a feel for what the rest of my life will be like. The work load never ends and never will and I am slowly coming to terms with this. The second semester has begun and I'm already starting to feel bad when I procrastinate. Work piles up quickly. As a Dramatic Writing student I spend a lot of time in my room in front of my computer and often get up to walk outside for fresh air. It's a constant cycle and one that forces you to complete things. You can't wait for inspiration to strike to start writing, you have to write all the time.

I've made wonderful friends here, some I would consider best friends even after only 6 months. The beautiful side of graduate school is that you are spending time with people who are interested in the same things as you and work with you in classes, workshops, etc. on making yourself better. It is valuable what your peers have to say then you can filter through it from there. It can be difficult to share ideas or thoughts in class but after a while you become comfortable with pitching ideas and speaking your mind. Workshops are hard at first. You have to build trust as writing is very personal, but once you're there the classes become stronger. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts on someones piece or your own. As long as you're respectful, it's all good.

The wonderful thing about NYU Tisch Asia is how small it is. All of the students interact with each other regardless of what programs we are in. This helps us branch out and share our interests.

I of course am having an amazing and wonderful experience living abroad in Asia. It's easy to travel around here. I've been to Indonesia, Malaysia, and India in the past 4 months and plan to hopefully go more places in Southeast Asia.

The new semester has just started and I am starting my morning by writing this brief letter and drinking coffee. Now, it's off to work! If anyone has questions about grad school or Asia or writing feel free to shoot me an email! I am no expert but I am always happy to workshop with fellow students!


Ashley Etter