Students Win at Spring Film Festival

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Films Screened, Awards Given, and Prizes Raffled at the Spring Film Festival 2013

Despite cold weather and light snowfall, a large audience was welcomed to the Spring Film Festival on Monday, February 25, 2013. TU Film Studies students Anna Bennett and Bailey Ardies co-hosted the Spring Film Festival and kept the audience entertained throughout the evening. Student films were screened, judges voted, and awards were given to filmmakers shortly after.

Springfest 2013 


Steven Mcdonald, a film and music student, won the category of Best Original Score for his music featured in the film, Hard Felt. Hard Felt continued to win awards throughout the evening, including the Audience Choice award, and Best Film. Film studies senior and recent graduate, Steven King, was the filmmaker and mastermind behind the film, Hard Felt.

SpringFilm 2013

Co-Host and TU Film Studies student, Bailey Ardies, won the category of Runner-Up for Best Film with her work, Infatuation.

FilmFestival Hostess 2013

Prizes were raffled off and audience members then got a sneak peak of trailers for feature films that TU Film Studies alumnus

Ashley Etter