Stylus Receptions and Awards Given on May 7

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stylus Winners Announced at Reception

The Stylus reception was held on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Winners of the various categories were announced at the reception and gifted with a certificate. In Digital Art, First place winner was Lotti Bublitz with Majesty. Second Place winner was Big Bad Wolf by Kyle Blair, who also won Third Place with Trophy Room. In Drawing, the First Place Winner was Candice Wilkins with College Drawn Nude #93. Second Place winner was Julia Morgan with Feather. Third Place winner was Sarah Beam with 8:22. In Painting, the First Place winner was Caroline Moore with The Chair. Second Place winner was Lot's Wife by Megan Curtis. Third Place winner was Jade Dittus with Eyes of the Beholder. In Photography, the First Place winner was Courtney Farnsworth with The Hunted. The Second Place award was given to Kelsey Birkes with The New Nepal. The Third Place award was given to Victoria Steinhart with Silver Reflections. In Printmaking, the First Place winner was Becky Roleseth with Momentum. The Second Place winner was Ignorance is Bliss by Savannah Walton. Jade Dittus was given the award for Third Place with Sullivan's Rubaiyat. In Sculpture, First Place was awarded to Mick Husted for his Folded Fork & Fork Ring. Hartly Carlisle was awarded with Second Place for Magnolia Seed Pod. Third Place was given to Jordan O'Brien for his work with No School Like Old School. In the Performance Writing category, Anna Bennett won First Place with Leviathan. Kelley Friedberg won Second Place with The Secret Recipe, and Third Place was given to Beth Geatches for An Interview. Lastly, in Prose, the First Place award was given to Anna Bennett for Pilgrim's Pride. Second Place award was given to Chase Wheaton-Werle for Waiting for Sarah, and Third Place was given to David White for To Tell the Truth.

Ashley Etter