Programs of Study

film studies Film Studies majors take a wide range of courses in all dimensions of filmmaking. These courses include filmmaking in Documentary, Narrative, and Animation forms and a variety of courses in Screenwriting, Film Scoring, Post-Production, and Film Genres (e. g., Noir, Sci-Fi, Neo-Noir, Comedy, Westerns, Horror, Road, Gangster). Minor sequences, which augment the major in Film Studies, are available in Film Scoring and in Screenwriting. Other possible minor fields include Advertising, Graphic Design, and Photography.

Students begin with two required courses in the history and theory of film.  Students must then take a minimum of 9 courses from the following list of electives. At least 2 of these 9 courses, one in the second term of first year, must be in Production, level to be determined by consultation with the Film Studies advisor. A total of 7 of these 9 courses must be at the 3000 level or above. The entire schedule—with a particular emphasis on a subfield such as Production, Screenwriting, Recording/Scoring, and/or Film Theory/History—will be determined by the student in consultation with the Film Studies advisor. Film Studies majors may minor in a variety of fields. There is a minor sequence in Film Scoring. In the minor in Creative Writing, students may emphasize Screenwriting.

In the senior year, Film Studies majors spend a semester completing a project that may be a short film (narrative, documentary, animated), screenplay, or scholarly study.